Routine Dental Care for Kids


While it’s natural as parents to worry about cavities or braces, perhaps the most important aspect of pediatric dental care are the routine visits you’ll make with your child throughout the years. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings aren’t just recommended. They’re the foundation to great oral health that lasts a lifetime.

Dental Check-Ups

We’re here to provide total dental care for your child. That means regular hygiene visits, regular check-ups and a true emphasis on health oral routines at home. The wide range of dental services we provide include an emphasis on flexibility, saving you time and making sure your child’s dental care takes place within one practice.

Our focus starts with prevention. From sealants to fluoride treatments, our goal is clean and healthy teeth for your child. We also believe in the important role parents play in the process. We won’t just tell you about your child’s visit, we’ll educate you so you can help detect some of the common problems kids often face, from thumb sucking to bruxism and baby bottle tooth decay.

Bottom line, we want to achieve and maintain optimum oral health throughout your child’s dental development. Through every stage, we’ll use the very latest techniques and technologies to ensure the very best care at each scheduled dental exam.

Teeth Cleaning

Regular office visits are an important part of building a great foundation for long term oral health. While the frequency of those visits can vary from patient to patient, maintaining good habits in between visits is equally important.

When our children are small, we brush for them or assist with brushing. As they get older, making sure they brush twice per day for two minutes will set them on the right path and can prevent unwanted cavities and other potential issues that may take place down the road.

Flossing is another important technique children will begin to learn as they grow older, and will hopefully have mastered before they reach their teenage years. Usually, between the ages of two and six, parents can begin to get their kids in the habit of making flossing a regular part of their daily routine.