Sedation Dentistry

Our goal is for each trip to our office to be as free of anxiety and worry as possible. In some cases, sedation dentistry helps to make things easier for both parents and kids, by providing treatment in a way that prevents a child from having to hear some of the sounds and see some of the tools that can lead to increased anxiety and worry.

While sedation dentistry side effects in children do exists, you can rest assured that our doctors have the experience and knowledge to assess each situation and provide the best course of action. Sedation dentistry is acceptable in many different cases, including for infants, kids who need an intensive dental procedure, children who are extremely apprehensive about going to the dentist, kids with special needs, as well as other children who may have had a traumatic experience at some point in the past.

Dr. Stanley provides these services in our office in conjunction with Mobile Anesthesia Care (MAC), board certified physician anesthesiologists.